The Shake: Sept. 5, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

dWeb Foundation The second grant from the dWeb Foundation was given to Tetrashapes, a design/full stack team, to build a non-custodial wallet app.

PR Reviews If you're a dev and interested in Handshake or HSD/HNSD, now is the time to get involved. Matthew Zipkin is hosting a pull request review meeting on Sept. 10th on this PR. Bounties may be given to those who show up and leave comments.

Kyokan + Bob Wallet AMA In this conversation, Jacky from Kyokan covers the team’s roadmap, working with pseudonymous identities, the footnote protocol, dream collaborations with Bob Wallet, and more.

HNS NFT The auction for the NFT collaboration by artist Andre O’shea and Steven McKie of Amentum & HNSOSS is now live on Foundation.

Community / Tech / Stats

Niami The HNS name rating site is becoming a block explorer, too.

ArGo The DWeb application builder, ArGo, had their GoDaddy account suspended with a warning of some phishing attempt done using a subdomain. Today, the platform can be accessed on HNS. ArGo has signaled their intent to (1) accelerate the process of attaching HNS and ENS names for apps being deployed from their platform and (2) start deploying their own web apps to these links.

LINDA A reminder that one way of helping LINDA, the upcoming indexer of HNSsearch, to index your websites properly is to provide a sitemap and have a robots.txt file. For more information on how to do so, start here.

Community / Tech / Stats

Hashrate: 7.55 PH/s

Names Opened: 1.82M (+3% 7d)

Namebase Marketplace, Aug. 2021 : 1.59M HNS ($500k)
Secondary market crosses 50k name resales to date

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