The Shake: Sept. 26, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


Namecheap A new HNS toggle lets you filter for Handshake TLDs on Namecheap. The second largest domain registrar globally now has the Handshake protocol front and center on its site. With that, legacy TLDs are more directly in competition with HNS TLDs than ever before.

IPFS Explainer from the Protocol Labs team on how Handshake is decentralizing the internet’s root. The write up is nothing new for those following HNS, but now much of the dweb/web3 ecosystem is now recognizing Handshake for what it is: the root of the New Internet.

Namebase Ecosystem wide update mentions several bounties including:
- 20,000 HNS bounty for implementing an IPFS fallback resolver.
- 1,000 HNS bounty to create a Namer News clone where only subdomain owners of a specific TLD can login

NamesCon Handshake’s three day track at the domain name convention wrapped up with a HNS name auction and a recap from community member, Nole.


HNSD on iOS Impervious released a teaser of a project they expect to release soon — HNSD running on iOS. HNSD is a light client, so it just needs to store headers. Check out the preview here.

The search engine has relaunched with decentralized backend and frontends on Akash and Skynet, respectively. There’s additionally new design, greater search speed, type-as-you-go results, and more. Next month there will be an open sourcing of all code used for the site / crawler.

v0.0.3 release of the HNS resolver makes is stupidly easy to start resolving Handshake names.

HSD Blockstore Flat file storage backend for Handshake blocks and undo coins

HSD Root server DNSSEC proofs
Upgrades the security of the HNS root zone nameserver to prevent "downgrade attacks"


Names Opened: 1.95M (+4% 7d)

HNS Burned: 23.6M (+0.4% 7d)

Secondary Markets
4 of the top 15 resales occurred this month of September 2021, including two six figure emoji sales.

Around the DWeb

$DATA A new index from Index Coop that tracks the Data Economy starting with seven assets including Filecoin, its first non-Ethereum native token.

The Web3 Index Launched this week, the site is tracking how much protocols powering a decentralized internet are earning in fees.

Self hosted decentralized frontends for dapps, built on Skynet (and Handshake).

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