The Shake: Sept. 19, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

Handshake Pull Request Review Club #1 A weekly club for reviewing Handshake Core PRs inspired by Bitcoin’s PR Review Club had its first meeting. The club’s first commit to review was increasing test coverage for the chain.

NamesCon Handshake is coming to the domain name convention September 22 - 24th. See the three-day Handshake track here.

ArGo App The dweb building app has deployed their site on their Handshake TLD at argoapplive/

Community / Tech / Stats

HNSsearch Alpha footage of the search as you type functionality for the Handshake search engine

Niami The Handshake name rating site has integrated a block explorer, name auctions with Bob Wallet, faster Namebase market sync, and full Transaction history for names.

Community / Tech / Stats

Handshake Halving
We are halfway through the first halvening cycle on the Handshake blockchain. In another 85,000 blocks (about a year and a half) the mining subsidy will drop from 2000 HNS to 1000 HNS per block.

Names Opened: 1.85M (+0.3% 7d)

Namebase Sept. Volume: 738k HNS

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