The Shake: Sept. 12, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

Digital Trends Coverage of Handshake is maturing — the network was featured in the tech news website, Digital Trends, this week.

NamesCon Last year, Handshake was included on one panel at the NamesCon domain name convention. This year, Handshake has its own dedicated three-day track from September 22 - 24.

Tetrashapes A look at the mockup shared by the dWeb Foundation in concert with their grant to build an Android & iOS non-custodial wallet app.

Community / Tech / Stats

HandyHost More previews from the upcoming HNSOSS release.

LINDA The HNS indexer will follow common scraping / crawling best practices as to scrape responsibly and respectfully, including keeping server loads low while visiting your sites.

ShakeDex The decentralized exchange protocol, ShakeDex, crossed 30k HNS in volume with the sale of D1/ for 2,538 HNS today.

Community / Tech / Stats

Hashrate: 8.62 PH/s (+8% 7d)

Names Opened: 1.85M (+2% 7d)
The first million names is the hardest. It took 443 days to reach one million names on Handshake. 143 days later, we’re weeks away from the two million name mark.

Namebase Marketplace:
September resale volumes are on pace for 1M HNS. While this is over 50% off the summer’s highs of 2.4M HNS in June, current resale volume comes with HNS up 70% in the last thirty days.

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