The Shake: Oct. 31, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


PRIV8 The Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit will feature a talk from Handshake core developer Christopher (JJ) Jeffrey. Registration for the event is free.

24 Million HNS is eligible for ICANN to claim. When HNS and this point was brought to the attention of ICANN CEO & President Goran Marby at the ICANN72 general meeting, he made the following remark:

The names don’t resolve in what we call the Internet.

- Goran Marby

“What we call the internet” is quite a careful choice of words. The quote is an acknowledgement of Handshake, in a tone that’s far from confrontational, and leaves the door open to HNS in many ways.

HNS Integrations Our thread on other communities and chains using Handshake, and what that means.

DxPool The mining pool is doing a giveaway of Handshake mining rigs

Documentation on connecting your IPFS website to Handshake domains.


Niami If you are helping someone new to play with auctions, the new Niami + Bob Wallet chrome extension combination is one of the easiest ways.

HandyHost The open source software for supply side Akash, Sentinel, and Sia markets has a new update coming. Changelog includes Mac M1 support, Akash gas fee estimates, and more.


Names Opened: 2.13M (+166,685 30d)

Network Hashrate: 7.55 PH/s

Name Claims 2,890 names or 3.3% of all reserved names have been claimed to date. A breakdown of Handshake names claimed and still claimable:

Around the DWeb

Filecoin Visualization of the last two weeks of Filecoin storage deals

Sentinel community members will be incentivized for hosting a dVPN node and running a HNS resolver.

Hackernoon While Handshake is not (yet) part of the $DATA Economy index, HNS is featured in this week’s Hackernoon article and graphic about the index.

For more resources, visit or news.theshake/ on HNS.