The Shake: Oct. 3, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


PRRC #2 The second Pull Request Review Club will be held Friday, Nov. 8th in the Handshake DNS Discord channel.

Namebase September 2021 Highlights from the Namebase team

dWeb Foundation Setting up an online privacy & censorship-resistant Handshake conference coming up mid-November

ArGo Use ArGo to deploy DWeb apps on Handshake domains during their Web3 Challenge and be eligible to win a prize from the team.


LINDA After last week’s release of HNSsearch V2, a breakdown of the tech behind the system. LINDA (Living Indexer Navigating Decentralized Assets) is in beta this month and an open sourcing of the indexer scraping the Handshake namespace is set to release by the end of October.

Bob Wallet SPV mode coming in the next version

Bob Extension New update to use a new backend by Kurumi Imari that is simpler and more stable. The update also adds a new API method (getNames) that websites integrating with the extension can use.

Niami The site that pioneered Handshake name rating has integrated primary auctions and secondary marketplaces (i.e. ShakeDex) bringing efficiency to HNS name markets.

RealtyDAO The team exploring DAOs on Handshake domains held an AMA this week.


Names Opened: 1.99M (+2% 7d)
Prices are volatile, names opened are up only. See you at 2M names next week!

HNS Burned: 23.7M (+0.4% 7d)

Domain Registrations
This is a metric we will begin to track more closely as data becomes available from registrars including Namecheap, Gateway, Forever Domains, and others. shared initial stats for subdomain sales at the NamesCon conference.
The top TLD .c has nearly 3k registrations. Four other domains ( .api, .1, .txt, and .js) all have at least 100.

Around the DWeb

The Graph x Arweave Create subgraphs to read and organize data stored on Arweave. This expands decentralized data storage subgraphs beyond their IPFS integration. We like redundancies around the DWeb.

The audio streaming service Audius announced their RSS podcast feed uploader, making it easier than ever to migrate your podcast to the DWeb.

Keplr A mobile wallet is coming to the Cosmos ecosystem, improving custody for DWeb protocols like Akash and Sentinel.

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