The Shake: Oct. 24, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


Puma Browser Review Deep dive from Mozilla’s Amber Case on Puma Browser and its DWeb integrations including Handshake, ENS, and IPFS.

NamesCon Panels from the Handshake track from NamesCon are now online, including talks on decentralized name exchange, numbers on Handshake, + the HNS community.

HSD Meme Competition We're celebrating the release of HSD V3 with a meme competition ending tomorrow, October 25th.


HSD V3 Includes faster sync times, changes in the block storage system, prevents downgrade attacks on sites set up with DNSSEC, root zone DNSSEC more secure and compatible with legacy DNS software

Bob Desktop 0.9.0 Release candidate includes:
- SPV Mode Use an SPV node instead of a full node and significantly reduced resources when using Bob

- Name Claim Wizard The integrated name claim wizard built into Bob wallet will make bridging the Alexa 100k domains and ICANN TLDs easier than ever


The Shake has a new stats page featuring price data and on chain metrics.

Names Opened: 2.09M
Name growth has seen consistent six figure monthly registrations from February through October 2021.

Network Hashrate: 6.84 PH/s
Hashrate has been on the rise since mid-year lows.

Around the DWeb

Anubis Git-based webpages using Radicle and Akash

Web 3 Revenue Growing demand for the DWeb can be seen in protocol revenue

Exidio dVPN app built on Sentinel with stablecoin payments in UST

For more resources, visit or news.theshake/ on HNS.