The Shake: Oct. 17, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


Name Claims There is an open discussion on extending the time to claim Alexa 100k names beyond the initial four year reserve period, ending in February 2024. An extension of "4 more years" (a total of 8 since genesis) has been proposed as a starting point for consideration. Bridging legacy TLDs is a stated goal of the Handshake community and a proactive discussion around extending name claims signals an intent to maintain this olive branch to legacy names.

Such a change would require a hard fork, though. So while this wouldn’t impact the chain for another 2.5 years, acting sooner rather than later is important. Forming governance norms and coming to social consensus are also critical, for many protocols are now using Handshake and it must remain a stable root for the new internet.

Priv8 The dWeb Foundation is organizing a privacy/censorship-resistance summit between Handshake & Orchid Protocol on November 15th.

HandyCon The next Handshake conference has been announced for March 2022.

Namecheap Since adding subdomain registration for HNS TLDs to their site, Namecheap has noted additional plans for supporting Handshake.

On our part, we will be adding HNS payments on our new platform that is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022. You can count on me as an advocate going forward. — Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO


HandyHost v0.4.9 from is now up on the GitHub release page.

Also up is a demo on installing HandyHost on a Raspberry Pi 4b.

Mirror Protocol The Mirror protocol for synthetic stock exposure has been deployed on the DWeb using Handshake, Skynet, and Akash. You can access the front end at as well as locally using Homescreen.

HNSsearch The Handshake search engine beta has netted some optimization potential. Full release has been pushed to the beginning 2022.


Names Opened: 2.04M (+2% 7d)
It took 444 days to reach one million names, and only 170 days to reach two million.

HNS Burned: 23.79M

Network Hashrate: 6.12 PH/s

Around the DWeb

Hackernoon An introduction to Skynet’s Homescreen for managing DeFi and DWeb apps

For more resources, visit or news.theshake/ on HNS.