The Shake: Nov. 7, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem


Blockchain Summit HNS presented at the Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit. Florida’s first Blockchain & Digital Asset event. 

$HNS Price HNS rallied over 50% in the last 7 days. 

Secondary Markets POW/ sold for 285,000 HNS, the second most all time, as TLD’s on secondary markets start to pick back up.

DxPool The mining pool recently listed Goldshell HS5 HNS Miners (2700 GH/s)

Digital Identity
Handshake TLDs are providing digital identity for users that want to build and communicate securely with other networks. 

Priv8 Register for a live auction of rare HNS TLDs. Auction is scheduled for Nov 15th. 

Priv8 Ari Paul of Blocktower is the newest announced speaker for the upcoming Priv8 summit scheduled for Nov 15th.


Porkbun HNS TLDs are now supported on Porkbun registry.

Agaamin India based HNS Name registrar scheduled to launch Jan 1st.

HandyHost Handyhost and Sentinel Android app running handshake resolvers with ease.

HandyHost Version 0.5.0 released. Download Now.

Governance Update @buffer + @nodech have been added to the hnsd list of maintainers on github.

HNS Halvening We are halfway to the first HNS halvening. We expect to see a tight squeeze as new domain registrars open in major geo markets, combined with more name registrations, therefore HNS burned daily (deflation) will increase.


Names Opened: 2.16M

Network Hashrate: 9.04 PH/s

HNS Burned: 23.9M

Around the DWeb

Filecoin Filecoin recently celebrated 350 terabytes of data storage.

Register for Chainlink Hackathon and help build the next generation of hybrid smart contracts alongside developers from around the world. 

Crypto Cities Crypto Cities and how local governments could adapt to a changing environment of governance. 

Cosmoverse Community organized Cosmos conference in Libson.

Holon Hackathon Sign up for the Holon Innovate Hackathon and build with Filecoin and IPFS. Nov 9 and Nov 11. 

For more resources, visit or news.theshake/ on HNS.