The Shake: Nov. 14, 2021

A weekly recap on Handshake and the Decentralized Web


HNS Developer Resources We released a new webpage with resources for devs building on Handshake at

Domain Registration Top level domain .tx passed 420 registrations this week. 

Priv8 The privacy/censorship-resistance summit organized by Handshake & Orchid Protocol tomorrow, November 15th, will feature talks from HNS developers Christopher (JJ) Jeffrey and Matthew Zipkin.

Priv8 Name Auction A livestreamed TLD auction will follow the main session with rare names including x/ and a portion of proceeds going to HNS dev resources.

AllHNS A newly updated Handshake ecosystem map.


Focimail Handshake email hosting service is gearing up for launch. Reach out if interested in their beta.

Top Level Bears Text-based art project combines Ethereum and Handshake protocols to issue collectible Ethereum-based NFTs with their corresponding resolvable top level domains on HNS. Your NFT is also by default your own site.

DeFi on HNS Liquidity mining is coming to Wrapped HNS. Follow the dWeb Foundation on Twitter for further announcements


Protocol Overview

Names Opened: 2.2M (+2% 7d)

Network Hashrate: 9.42 PH/s

Around the DWeb

Homescreen Skynet announced Homescreen support for all IPFS applications — massively reduce your dApps downtime and loading times.

ENS Airdrop Namespace is hot these days. $ENS airdrop claimed by 73k users.

Web3 Coverage of ENS, Mirror, and Hop in the on-chain analytics newsletter

DVPN Coverage in Nasdaq on Sentinel’s increase online privacy

For more resources, visit or news.theshake/ on HNS.