The Shake: May 9, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

Gateway. Buy Handshake domain names on Gateway. With the Namebase Registry up and running, registrars like Gateway offer a place to buy and manage Handshake domain for premium TLDs like .api, .js, .defi, and many more.

Live TLD Auctions. The second live TLD auction is happening this Wednesday with a portion of proceeds going to several community run groups. The auction theme is single emoji top level domains. RSVP @

5000 FOSS Claims. With over 100 new claims this week, the Handshake airdrop to open source developers has now passed 5000 total claims. The airdrop of 𝙃 4,246 is now worth approximately $2,750.

Memes! A month long meme contest for the Handshake community with a prize of 𝙃 3,500. Tag @HNSFund and use the #MonthOfMemes hashtag to be eligible to win.

EconsDesign. A full write-up commissioned from the Economics Design team on the economics of Handshake and its importance in the DWeb can now be found permanently hosted on Sia Skynet.

Akash Network. The Apollo Genesis validator was deployed to the Akash network with a Handshake domain name. The decentralize web stack continues to take form.

Community / Tech / Stats

HNS Login. Namebase open sourced the OIDC provider used for Namer News. This makes it simple for any site to integrate Handshake Login without relying on Namebase.

Ledger Wallet. A preview of the Ledger hardware wallet integration into Bob Wallet for Handshake.

Unstoppable Stack. This repository serves as a general guide and proof of concept for deploying a full-stack web application onto blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure using Handshake, Sia Skynet, and Akash Network.

ShakeDex. ShakeDex version 0.0.15 is out. This is a bugfix release that fixes an issue that prevented users from filling auctions with coins younger than the coinbase maturity. A recent demo of the protocol can be found here.

Community / Tech / Stats

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