The Shake: May 31, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

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AMA Reminder that @kurumiimari1 will have an AMA today May 31 @ 4pm UTC in the HNS Discord. Ask her anything about selling on ShakeDex, developing with Bob Wallet, or on chain analysis using

Name Claim As gifting has become part of the ethos of the HNS community, a new site has been built for gifting and claiming names. If intended gifting recipients don’t respond to your own efforts, names can be sent to the Name Claim to be escrowed for their rightful owner.

Airdrop Claims by open source developers surpassed 6,000 this week. That’s up 1,000+ claims in three weeks. The word on HNS continues to spread amongst the FOSS community…

Brave The browser is adding support for blockchain-based DNS providers, starting with ENS (.eth) and Unstoppable Domains (.crypto) as these are easiest to implement. Integrating Handshake domains is more complex because you cannot look at a Handshake name and inherently tell that its a Handshake name. The post laid out how they intend to handle conflicts between providers going forward.

Puma Founder Yuriy Dibskiy spoke to tech writer Om Malik on Puma Browser, a privacy centric, dWeb-focused browser. Puma supports Handshake sites and is available for download on mobile.

Community / Tech / Stats

Sentinel The decentralized VPN network is evolving from a volunteer network to a monetized network of physical income-generating nodes. These nodes are dWeb-based internet routers fitted with Handshake resolvers inside. Users can monetize on their bandwidth, browse securely, and gain access to Handshake sites.

The non custodial Handshake hosting application has a new feature — Payment Gateway, an API for developers to accept $HNS. The registrar is the first to use the tool to let its users buy domains with $HNS.

HMail The Handshake email application now accepts HNS and BTC payments.

Goldshell The new Handshake miner HS-Box is available for order.

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