The Shake: May 23, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

#ProjectDWeb The dWeb Foundation has announced an incubator for Handshake projects. Be one of 15 teams to accelerate their Handshake project with mentoring, strategy + support or one of 5 selected to join phase two. More information on the program can be found here. Applications are open through June 11th with a public demo day slated for August 1st.

Impervious The Handshake development company continues to grow with a new DNS developer, buffrr, joining the team to build on HNS full time. You can check out buffrr’s project Let’s DANE on Github which enables the use of DANE in browsers and other apps using a lightweight proxy.

DeFi, meet DWeb Reported outages of several DeFi domains due to China blocking websites including Yearn, Curve, and Uniswap prompted discussions of DWeb tooling. This led to a Yearn community member acquiring the HNS TLD .Yearn in a secondary sale for further censorship resistance of the protocol.

Gravity Bridge Further DWeb integrations within the Cosmos ecosystem are taking place as Gravity, a decentralized exchange, is using Handshake and Akash to further decentralize.

ShakeStats The Handshake data website is working on new market and on-chain data alongside new design updates.

DNS Outage Salesforce went down for ~5 hours yesterday after a lone engineer was tasked with making a configuration change.

Yes, it is always DNS

Community / Tech / Stats

Neuenet/ An upcoming registry for Handshake domains open sourced tooling to detect Handshake wallet addresses. While traditional registrars use closed source infrastructure to sell commodity names in a race to the bottom, Handshake native registrars will run on open source infrastructure to sell names they own with creative offerings. Registry architect @NetOpWibby is ahead of his time on this.

HandyHost A sneak peak of the Sia side of the upcoming release from HNSOSS combining major DWeb protocols into one easy to manage software suite. A decentralize namespace is only as powerful as the decentralized web stack it resolves.

Goldshell The hardware producer has announced two new miners. Handshake network hashrate has been growing healthy this year, reaching as high as 11 PH/s last month. Watch for Goldshell’s new additions to help accelerate this growth.

Community / Tech / Stats

$HNS Metrics

Primary Name Markets
Name auction markets continue to show strength with 5,000 daily bid volume as a 30d floor and two days of 25,000 bids over this last week.

Secondary Name Markets
The Namebase Marketplace, currently at 910k HNS in volume through today, remains on pace for its fifth consecutive month of seven figure HNS volume.

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