The Shake: May 16, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats The new Handshake block explorer is a collaboration between ShakeDex developer, Kurumi Imari, and the Kyokan team. More than an explorer, though, the site also serves as a frontend to the new Bob Wallet Chrome extension and the ShakeDex protocol. This explorer-wallet-exchange trifecta is a highly visible and effective entry point into the Handshake ecosystem.

When people discover Handshake for the first time, not only can they see what’s going on on-chain but they can also make a wallet and start using the protocol. - Kurumi Imari

HNS Fund announced the launch of the HNS Fund DAO with the start of the Fundraising and Ambassador teams. Each team will receive 10% of all monthly proceeds to the HNS Fund to put towards their goals. They'll each have an initial 4,000 HNS from current reserves and complete autonomy over allocated funds.

@HNS. An active community discussion around whether the @HNS twitter should be community-operated for marketing purposes or remain inactive indefinitely.

Decentralized Service Announcement. The $HNS maaarrrketing ship prepares to sail with a video from the Handshake pirate god 🏴‍☠️

Airdrop Claims. This week saw over 500 new HNS claims from the FOSS airdrop.

@transactions. A Twitter bot tracking large on-chain $HNS transactions. The Handshake community understands the value of good names, on and off chain.

Community / Tech / Stats

Bob Extension is a chrome extension that runs a wallet in your browser and enables DNS resolving through the Handshake DNS. Bob Extension will allow you to manage your Handshake TLDs and enable you to login to dapps using your Handshake TLDs. Please use caution with the early release and reach out in the Bob discord channel if necessary.

Sinpapeles AMA. Learn about the HNS hosting service and DNS management tool tomorrow at 4pm UTC in the Handshake discord.

The team behind HandyMiner, HandyBrowser, and HandyStratum has a new addition in the works. Initial details are that it will function as a bridge between the Handy software suite and the rest of the dWeb.

Community / Tech / Stats

$HNS Metrics
Total network transactions surpassed the 4 million mark this week.

Primary Name Markets
Name auctions have sustained a floor of around ~5,000 - 8,000 daily bids.

Secondary Name Markets
The Namebase Marketplace, currently at 560k HNS in volume halfway through May, is on pace for its fifth consecutive month of 1 Million HNS in volume.

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