The Shake: Mar. 7, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

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HandyCon. The first ever Handshake conference is set for March 10-11. The lineup includes many early, visionary Handshake devs as well as David Vorick of Sia Skynet, Yuriy Dybskiy of Puma Browser, Jehan Chu of Kenetic Capital, and more.

dWeb Foundation. A newly announced, community-organized effort is charting the frontier toward a decentralized internet, with Handshake at the root.

Impervious. The Handshake development team is growing, announcing that Nodar Chkuselidze has joined the Impervious team has started working on open source software for Handshake this week.

Library Genesis a file sharing shadow library has found a home of HNS.

AllHNS is now updated to include native HNSsearch and updated miners info.

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.Badass Domains. The Handshake development team, Impervious, is bridging the composability and programmability of ENS subdomains with the decentralization of HNS top level domains.

HNSsearch. The Handshake search engine is exploring various privacy protection features. Also, a new shortcut system allows you to search directly on your favourite hns website by using ! and a predefined shortcut (e.g. !hs = hnscan)

TLD Swaps.You’ll be able to see the first TLD auctions on ShakeDex using, a website that displays Shakedex swap proofs.

XNHNS. Kiba Gateaux outlined his thoughts creating a cross chain network for Handshake to move your TLD around various blockchains. This allows you to bring your name to wherever your identity is best suited to live while maintaining ownership of the domain on HNS.

HNS Resolver. Namebase is launching a DNS resolver for Handshake which means you'll be able to use Handshake on Brave, Firefox, Chrome, etc by changing a single setting on your computer.

Goldshell. The mining company has organized and uploaded its mining software source code for HS1 and HS1-PLUS.

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ShakeStats has officially launched with name search, market activity data, and category specific data tools.

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GoDaddy. The founder of HostGator, Brent Oxley, has lost access to a portion of his portfolio, including, after GoDaddy locked 25 domain names as a result of a complaint filed in India.

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