The Shake: Mar. 14, 2021

"A soft fork of the internet"

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

HandyCon / Community / Tech / Stats

The world’s first Handshake conference just wrapped up with 36+ speakers over two days — showcasing a growing community of developers and the evolving dWeb narrative. We will share recordings as soon as available. In the meantime, here are some highlights:

Handshake Showcase. Developers highlighted various tools being built on HNS including Sebastian Rasor and Neel Yadav on email, Andreas Renz on search, Kurumiimari on decentralized exchange, Matt Zipkin on decentralized registrars, and more.

dWeb Foundation. A community organized effort charting the frontier towards a decentralized internet, with Handshake at the root, has launched. Founded by @chjango and Jehan Chu, the dWeb Foundation is one effort supporting HNS ecosystem growth.

Q&A with Andrew Lee and JJ. The two co-founders took questions on how Handshake came to be and the original ethos of HNS. JJ left us with the insight that “HNS is a soft fork of the internet.”

HandyCon Auction. The conference finished with a community fundraise via ShakeDex name auctions with 88,477 HNS in total sales and 34,795 HNS of that being donated to the HNS Fund for development grants.

HandyCon / Community / Tech / Stats

Namer News. A crypto-first social media site with (1) no password and (2) no traditional “usernames”. You login and build your profile around your Handshake name. A thread on how this could change our relationship to social media.

Flip.Flops/ A new free Handshake email service from Neel Yadav is now in beta. The service allows registration of username@flip.flops for a traditional email username experience on top of HNS.

Kiba talks with NewNormal on his work building on top of Handshake, namely around and a cross network Handshake bridge.

Subdomain markets. Namebase announced second level domain markets will be open to all of their users in the near future.

Namebase Showcase is a collection of Handshake apps that you can use today.

HandyCon / Community / Tech / Stats

HDNS. A Handshake DNS resolver makes it easy to access HNS sites from any device or browser.

ShakeDex. The first mainnet auctions went live this week, as did an updated frontend. The protocol was then used for fundraising auctions during HandyCon. You can fill any auction on the site directly, or using Bob Wallet — a step towards a completely decentralized user-friendly naming marketplace.

HNSsearch. Updates to the Handshake search engine include privacy protection features, improved crawling / indexing, autocomplete, block explorer integrations, and more.

HandTalk. The first Handshake chat app, built on Footnote protocol, by Javed Khan. All chat messages are owned by the domain owner and are uncensorable! The domain website crawler and search engine has some updates: a new design, website explorer, and submit URL feature.

Urkel Mining Guides. The mining pool published guides for mining Handshake.

HandyCon / Community / Tech / Stats

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