The Shake: June 27, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

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ProjectDWeb The DWeb foundation has announced the 8 projects accepted into the incubator’s first cohort. Each of the projects are leveraging Handshake for their myriad applications. The cohort includes the following teams:

Puma Browser is a mobile Web3 browser. Indigitus is an internet router with a native Sentinel dVPN & HNS resolver. Shakestats provides on chain stats and metrics. ArGo ships web apps and data to the dWeb in just a few clicks. HandyWiki is a wiki for HNS information and projects. Brad Manderscheid is building online games that utilize handshake logins. Wallet/ gives anyone a second-level domain under the Handshake domain “wallet". And is the first registrar of its type offering users the opportunity to register thousands of SLDs with a single click.

An updated is live with punycode detection, pagination, and a mobile refresh.

Epik You can now buy Handshake domains on If you’d like to sell subdomains on your own HNS TLD through Epik, Gateway, and Encirca, you can stake your name on the Namebase Registry.
Automated airdrop claim site for Alexa Top 100k websites. Check your Alexa name, confirm if its reserved on handshake, and claim your name and $HNS allocation.

Puma Browser The mobile browser with HNS integration has partnered with Neeva as a default search option as Puma works towards a “user centric and ad-free web”.

Not your keys, not your namespace
The domain name of Iran's PressTV news website has been seized by the US government. A reminder that with DNS we don’t truly own our own names.

Community / Tech / Stats

handshakes The `handshakes` crate is a library that can be used to create Handshake transactions in Rust. Includes full covenant and signature hashing support.

HandyHost This week’s HandyHost preview from the HNSOSS team is of the Akash integration, which will make using Akash network for your decentralized backends much easier.

Indigitus Sign up for the launch of the Indigitus dWeb router, fit with a HNS resolver inside for native access to Handshake websites without custom settings.

Community / Tech / Stats

$HNS Metrics

Primary Name Markets — Names Opened: 1.45M

Secondary Name Markets — June Marketplace Volume: 1.8M HNS

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