The Shake: June 20, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

Badass Domains The .badass TLD, which is unowned by anyone, yet can be renewed by all, was renewed by someone in the community today in block 72326. Subdomain owners do not need trust, they truly own their subdomain.

Impervious also announced that .badass domains can be secured with https. You can now set TLSA DNS records on the web UI and they can be rendered with the handover plugin to hsd.

Wrapped HNS WHNS is an ERC20 which enables more liquidity and access for Handshake on Ethereum. There is a pool for WHNS on Uniswap. Wrapped HNS makes it possible to interact with DeFi — one possibility is HNS loans to use as blinds. While liquidity is low to start, it’s a step towards additional DEX listings and smart contracts for Handshake.

Live Name Auctions The third live auction in the Flamingo Handshake auction series will be Wednesday at 4pm PST. Names available for bidding will be announced prior to Wednesday and you can participate in the auctions here.

Akash <> Handshake Akash founder Greg Osuri talks Akash, Handshake and the dWeb stack with Mike Michelini.

Community / Tech / Stats

HNSOSS Another set of HandyHost previews this week, this time a look at the Sentinel dVPN and Sia storage integrations.

HNSsearch Andy the founder of HNSsearch did an AMA with the community this past week discussing v2, page rank, the long term vision, and more. Recording of the AMA to come.

Community / Tech / Stats

$HNS Metrics

Primary Name Markets — Names Opened: 1.42M
Names opened are up 11% so far this month, from 1.28M at the end of May.

Secondary Name Markets — June Namebase Marketplace Volume: 1.01M HNS
June volume on the Namebase Marketplace crossed 1M HNS with eleven days left in the month. This month is on pace for the second highest volume after February.

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