The Shake: June 13, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

HNS Payments Support the development of a new OSS for payments using $HNS. With this integration, companies or independent developers could maintain their own BTCPay Server instance with support to Handshake. That means, they could charge their users in HNS (or BTC optionally), directly, without a middle man.

dWeb Foundation
Applications for the dWeb incubator have closed and applicants will be notified whether they've been accepted by Monday.

Namebase The exchange and registrar revamped their dashboard to make navigation cleaner, faster, and fully customizable.

Community / Tech / Stats

Badass.Domains .badass is a top-level domain on Handshake. The project has forked ENS to create the first truly decentralized subdomains anchored in a decentralized root zone. You can now set A, CNAME and TXT DNS records on the web UI. This is the first implementation of EIP-1185 (DNS on ENS).

HandyHost The upcoming release from the HNSOSS team will bring together dWeb protocols under one umbrella. Development update: Sia storage and Handshake naming integrations are complete with Sentinel dVPN and Akash compute integrations in progress.

HNSsearch V2 of the Handshake search engine will be a complete overhaul of the current website including improved crawler performance, decentralized backend hosting on Akash and frontend on Sia Skynet, block explorer integration, fully open sourced, and easy integration into sites that wish to have search.

Community / Tech / Stats

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