The Shake: July 11, 2021

A weekly recap of the Handshake protocol and ecosystem.

Community / Tech / Stats

Browsers3000 The six-week virtual event to explore and accelerate the development of web3 kicked off with a summit featuring two Handshake talks, one with Tieshun of Namebase and the other with Yuriy of Puma Browser

HNSsearch AMA The recording of @AndiR16’s AMA, the creator of HNSsearch, is up. The conversation covers the upcoming V2 release, roadmap items, how blockchains are changing the role of search engines, and more.

C/ The .c Handshake TLD is now a top 400 TLD, going from 0 to 2.5K+ registrations in 10 months.

Josh Terry Plays Steven McKie spoke with Josh Terry about HNS, the decentralized internet, blockchain possibilities, and the future.

Blockdomains Showroom A new mailing list to highlight for-sale TLDs sourced from the community.

Positive Sum Worlds Other Internet’s new essay is out about building open worlds, protocols that enact values over profits, and changing this game — ideas central to the goals of Handshake as a distributed root zone for the web.

Community / Tech / Stats

GOHAN A new alternative Handshake wallet node CLI (pre-alpha WIP written in Go by community pseudo anon dev @kurumiimari1) that focuses on fast performance, low resource usage, unified APIs, and easy embeddability.

ShakeDex Newly added is the ability to filter names on ShakeDex. Additionally Kurumi built a public stats page showing 172 completed auctions to date for 12,768 HNS. Read more about plans to increase the demand side of the marketplace here.

Handover Resolving with zone files from Sia is another example of cross community collaboration between Skynet and HNS.

Community / Tech / Stats

Chain Metrics
On chain transaction volume has remained steady. The network hashrate is recovering from a decline at the end of June.

Primary Name Markets
Names opened has crossed the 1.5M mark, reaching this level in record time.
- 0.5 Million: 337 days
- 1.0 Million: 102 days
- 1.5 Million: 73 days

Bid volume measured in HNS has declined month over month while daily number of bids has remained steady. This can be interpreted as (1) lower average sale prices for new names and (2) speculation shifting towards the secondary markets for existing names.

Secondary Name Markets
Namebase Marketplace volume closed at 2.4M HNS in June, the second highest month on record. The trend has continued into July, which is on track to outpace last month’s volume.

The new ShakeDex Stats page shows 694 auctions started to date:
- 172 completed (for 12,768 HNS)
- 136 cancelled
- 386 active