The Shake: July 18, 2021

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Community / Tech / Stats

DCDN/ A peer to peer CDN built on Solana has enabled the .dcdn TLD on Handshake by default for all resources created on the network. Like Connext acquiring their TLD, namespace is part of a cryptonetwork’s progressive move towards decentralized always on services.

HDNS Now on Android, your resolver can be set to HDNS at the application level to utilize Handshake via AppCloner — removing the need to toy with device wide DNS settings when setting up Handshake support.

July Live Auction The fourth live auction will be held Wednesday, July 21st @ 4pm PT with some top tier single character emojis and premium names.

Namebase Ambassador Program Earn HNS by facilitating integrations with decentralization projects, website builders, VPNS, alternative web browsers, domain registrars, coin exchanges, etc.

Community / Tech / Stats

Bob Desktop 0.8.0 Features include Ledger Wallet support, new flow to claim the airdrop, sign text messages with any name you own, wallet balance breakdown, action cards like reveals, redeems, and register in portfolio, and filter bids by status. On signing messages, Matthew Zipkin added:

Community / Tech / Stats

Chain Metrics
Network hashrate continues to stabilize around 6.5 PH/s.

Primary Name Markets
Names opened has been growing steadily at ~3% weekly, up to 1.57M this week.

Secondary Name Markets
July volume on Namebase Marketplace cross 1M HNS and is on pace for another month of 2M+ HNS in resales. The secondary markets for HNS names are alive and well.

Meanwhile, with the new ShakeDex Stats page, we can see that 250+ new auctions have been submitted on the ShakeDex protocol in July. You can create listings directly from your Bob Wallet desktop application.

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