The Shake: Feb. 28, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

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TLD Investing. A discussion with Jehan Chu of Kenetic Capital on his firm’s $84k acquisition of .NFT and investing in Handshake domains.

“.NFT is a key functional domain… In my view, it’s cheap compared to where this is going… I really want to emphasize the use of .NFT in the art world, in the digital design world, in the gaming world.” - Jehan Chu

Connext Namespace. Last week, the scaling network announced plans to use .connext namespace as a step towards decentralization. This week, cross swap stablecoin arbitrage highlighted its potential as a layer two agnostic liquidity aggregator. Connext will soon work across Handshake namespace as a phone book for liquidity.

On The Brink. Tieshun Roquerre, CEO of Namebase, joined Nic Carter and Matt Walsh of Castle Island Ventures for a deep dive on Handshake.

HandyCon. The first Handshake conference was announced for March 10-11.

Our Network. HNS was featured in the data analytics newsletter, Our Network.

Community / Tech / Stats / CWeb

ShakeDex Auctions. The first decentralized, trustless, non-custodial secondary market name auctions are beginning on Handshake. Kurumi of ShakeDex is coordinating a schedule for the first mainnet auctions. But, of course, the protocol is permissionless so you can create an auction using the shakedex CLI / Bob Wallet.

HNSsearch. The Handshake search engine is now out of Beta and officially launched. You can help with future features by leaving your own suggestions or upvote existing ones.

Decentralized VPN. Sentinel, the dVPN network on Cosmos, will be focusing resources towards integrations with Handshake.

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Name Metrics
Per Namebase Stats, there are nearly 9k names in use — which Namebase measures as registered names with modified DNS settings.

This week’s secondary sale of 🙄 / for 60,000 HNS represents the third largest secondary market sale to date. Now, five of the top ten secondary sales on Namebase are emojis.

$HNS Metrics
Total HNS Locked has surpassed 50M HNS, which equates to ~14% of circulating supply currently escrowed as bids in name auctions.

Namebase Metrics
Up and to the right.
When the Namebase Marketplace launched as a secondary market for names, Namebase facilitated $5,000 worth of sales per week. Now, they facilitate $5,000 worth of sales every 3 hours.

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Stories from around the CWeb
Internet Shutdown.
In the midst of a military coup, internet has been cut in Myanmar for the fourteenth consecutive night, with national connectivity falling to 14% of ordinary levels.

CoinDesk Suspended. YouTube suspended CoinDesk’s channel over unspecified violations. Meanwhile, the streaming platform has a spotty track record on speedily ousting bona fide crypto scam accounts. The CoinDesk channel has since been reinstated.

A Thread on ICANN. Peter Sunde penned a thread detailing his experience with the opaque and arbitrary practices in the ICANN application process.

Cool thing of the week
Go to whiterose/ and enjoy the animation that accompanies this beautiful artwork (hosted on HNS and Sia Skynet, of course).

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