The Shake: Aug. 22, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

Subdomains Now on Namebase, you can gift subdomains under any Handshake domain you own. From the initial airdrop, Handshake has always been an experiment in the gift economy. To own our own TLDs opens a spectrum of subdomain patterns from truly self sovereign identity to new experiments around registrars to whitelisting friendly SLDs like in this instance.

HMail The AMA with Sebastian Rasor of HMail, a Handshake email service, is now online. Sebastian discusses the HMail app, upcoming plans, stats, and more.

Bittrex Handshake is listed and available for trading on Bittrex in HNS-BTC, HNS-ETH, and HNS-USDT markets.

IDN A primer on Internationalized Domain Names in the lead up to the first IDN auction by Shakestats + blockdomains/

Community / Tech / Stats

Fingertip The Handshake resolver from Impervious with ENS compatibility is now an official app integration of ENS. External namespaces tapping into Handshake ecosystem services is a product of (1) HNS operating at the lowest levels of the naming stack, (2) prioritizing DNS support, and (3) a public blockchain attracting a growing developer community. Download it and try it out: http://humbly.eth.

Blue Sky An initiative started by Twitter to decentralized social media, crypto native Jay Graber announced she will be leading Blue Sky. The initial report released by the Blue Sky project looked at protocols across several DWeb verticals, including Handshake and decentralized namespace.

Community / Tech / Stats

Primary Markets
Daily Bid Volume is picking up.
Names Opened: 1.75M (+1% 7d)
HNS Burned: 23.13M (+1% 7d)

Namebase Marketplace
Despite HNS price roughly doubling from $0.15 to $0.29 this month, August volume on pace for 1.5M HNS with ten days left in the month

Total Auctions: 1,976 (+21% 7d)

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