The Shake: Aug. 2, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

AdBoard Aggregated ad board listing all Handshake domains for sale across Namebase, ShakeDex, Parking Sinpapeles, and direct from Bob Wallet.

.Forever domains Like .badass domains, .forever domains use Handshake at the root zone and manage subdomain registrations on Ethereum via a fork of ENS. Also like .badass, the .forever developers have transferred ownership of the ENS registry contract to a burn address as proof that no one owns the registry.

Our Network We covered Handshake in the on chain analytics newsletter this week alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Terra.

Community / Tech / Stats

Fingertip An open source, lightweight Handshake resolver from Impervious. Use DANE to access websites hosted on HNS domains — browse to HIP-5 domains like .badass or, even, any ENS name with EIP-1158 data.

Rift DNS The decentralized workspace built on Skynet uses resolver skylinks to manage and dynamically update Handshake websites.

Community / Tech / Stats

Primary Markets
Names Opened: 1.64M

Secondary Markets
crosses 1,000 total auctions

For more resources, visit our website @ or news.theshake on HNS.