The Shake: Aug. 16, 2021

A weekly recap on the Handshake protocol and ecosystem

Community / Tech / Stats

Niami The name rating site has released a new version with performance improvements, a new UI, and filter settings.

Block #1 The team that mined Handshake’s first block shared the mnemonic that unlocks the address that mined Block #1 on February 3rd, 2020. This monument can now be a publicly accessible commons.

To embrace the new commons that is this genesis block address, we’ve transferred the name entropic/ to this address. Once it finalizes, and if we leave it in there, then everyone can add their own name records to it.

IDN Auction Shakestats is hosting the first International Domain Name (IDN) auction on August 25th.

With this auction we are attempting to push for a truly inclusive, internationalised new internet.

Community / Tech / Stats

Namecheap The registrar announced the listing of its first ten Handshake TLDs including .p, .oo, .saas, and more. This appears to be the start of an effort to lean into Handshake from Namecheap, the second largest registrar globally. They have messaged their intent to further open up the registrar to more TLDs along with the ability to pay with $HNS. Expect more updates from them in the coming weeks.

Community / Tech / Stats

Primary Markets
Names Opened: 1.73M (+3% 7d)
HNS Burned: 22.85M

Secondary Markets
ShakeDex sees spike in auctions opened
Total Auctions: 1,637 (+33% 7d)
Completed Auctions: 221 (+3% 7d)

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