The Shake: Apr. 4, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

Fleek. Add custom HNS domains for building decentralized sites and apps on Fleek as quick as it is to set up DNS.

HNS Fund. Community development fund raised $64k in donations to support open source developers and creators in their mission to create a free and open internet on the dweb.

Punycode. You can now browse both IDNA (browser-compliant) and alt punycode $HNS names in the Namebase Marketplace.

Around the Coin Podcast. Matthew Zipkin gives a high level overview of DNS, SSL, their central authority figures, and how Handshake can disrupt and expand the system.

Audius Playlists. Weird City Records set up a Handshake name for Audius playlists and is “looking to turning it into a link shortener service for fellow Audius curators.”

Yats vs. HNS. A lesson in DNS and decentralization.

Community / Tech / Stats

Inflation Bug. Last week, HNS developers discovered an inflation bug in the HNS protocols. It was never exploited. The bug was patched and a “covert soft fork” was deployed to miners. Read the disclosure and please update your hsd full nodes to v.2.4.0 ASAP.

ShakeDex.The first governance proposal for a community burn describes a fee model for ShakeDex in which users must burn HNS in order to list their names on ShakeDex Web.

HMail. Receive emails from standard DNS mailservers. It works like this: → user@tld. In the future, Hmail will automatically set the reply-to header to this address when sending to a mailserver that doesn’t resolve Handshake names.

HDNS. The Handshake DNS resolver that publicly launched last week already served its 100 millionth DNS query. It takes just a couple minutes to update your settings and access Handshake from any browser.

Community / Tech / Stats

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