The Shake: Apr. 25, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

Namecheap. The registrar purchased p/ in the secondary market for a record setting 𝑯 375,000. They did so outside their allotted ~2.7M HNS, which they intend to hold

The Namebase Registry is live. EnCirca has added support for over 200 HNS TLDs and is now accepting $HNS as payment for subdomains.

One effect of turning on subdomain markets is the growing utility of $HNS — listing fees are paid to Namebase in $HNS, traditional registrars are starting to accept payment for subdomains in $HNS, and payouts to TLD owners are denominated in $HNS. 

Directors of Handshake Meetup. Join the monthly meetup next Thursday at 5pm PST, all Namers are invited.

Building the DWeb. Lisa Tan of Economics Design spoke with Kiba Gateaux on Handshake’s economics and design.

IDNs. Robert Raichici of ShakeStats breaks down the history of internationalized domains (IDNs) on DNS and how Handshake is more inclusive and flexible to IDNs.

→ Instead of 比特币.com (Bitcoin in Chinese), websites can look like 比特币/

HNS Rich List. A visualizer of the largest token holders in the ecosystem.

D.Place. A collection of top level domains on display and available for purchase.

The Crypto EP.
A freestyled project about HNS dropped on Audius.

Community / Tech / Stats

HandyStratum. The makers of HandyBrowser and HandyMiner have announced the full release of “HandyStratum”, which will enable any modern mining pool to quickly and easily support mining Handshake $HNS with an enterprise-grade mining stratum for their internal operations.

Handshake contributor Anunay03 reverse-engineered the ViaWallet mobile app, which just added HNS, for privacy and security.

HMail. The Handshake email service has hit 100 registered users.

WSL. This article details running a full node on the Handshake network using the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Community / Tech / Stats

Name Metrics
Names opened surpassed one million this week. It took roughly 14 months to reach this milestone.

$HNS Metrics
Daily bid volume spiked to all time highs this week, topping at 38,811 bids on Tuesday, April 20th.

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