The Shake: Apr. 18, 2021

The Shake is your weekly recap of the Handshake ecosystem and protocol.

Community / Tech / Stats

Namebase Registry. Earn income selling subdomains on your TLD. There’s a couple important things to note: (1) this is a custodial service and (2) Namebase withholds 30% of your list price as commission & registrars will mark up the price, often by double, from there. Learn more here.

The DWeb stack. A guide for how to deploy a multi-tiered decentralized web app using Handshake, Akash, and Skynet.

Flamingo Handshake. The emoji auction this week finished with total sales of 𝙃 97,725 and total donations of 𝙃 33,927 distributed to HNS Fund, HNS Institute, and the DWeb Foundation.

Fleek. How to pair your HNS domain with your IPFS hosted site.

Namebase AMA. The Namebase team held an AMA on Friday answering questions on its roadmap, the new registry, and more.

Merch. Get an HNS hoodie/ or a custom one with your personal TLD.

Community / Tech / Stats

ShakeDex. New release lets users transfer names directly from centralized exchanges to a ShakeDex locking script.

Bob Wallet.
ShakeDex integration in the v0.7.0 release.

HMail. Improved registration flow for subdomains.

Mobile Wallet.
The mobile wallet, ViaWallet, has added support for HNS and we’ve got a corresponding tutorial from SkyInclude testing it out.

SkyBlogger. A blogging tool using Handshake + Skynet is in the works for Skynet’s hackathon.

Community / Tech / Stats

Name Metrics

$HNS Metrics

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