Public.Records is a public IPFS gateway on Handshake, from us at The Shake. Plus HeyTX at NamesCon and HS Hub Domains.
On the assurances afforded by light client resolution. Plus, Cosmos subdomains, auth tools, and a P2P IPFS gateway.
Tracking SLD registrations lets us map the colorful world of namespaces anchored in the Handshake root. Plus, multisig staking, systemd fullnode guide…
The Shake now tracks Handshake ecosystem data from high-level network metrics down to individual blocks. Plus, HNS terminology guide, Arweave…
Tokenizing Handshake top level domains, plus a full week of the web’s middlemen wielding their power.
The Overton Window has shifted, and there's a new wave of projects taking novel approaches to tackling decentralized frontends.
On the launch of of a music-specific namespace. Plus, Palm Reader mobile demo, Tailscale supports NextDNS, and Dappnet decentralized frontends.
Or how to do identity-based asset distribution. Plus, the Battle for the Soul of the Web and light client checkpoints.
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