Public.Records is a public IPFS gateway on Handshake, from us at The Shake. Plus HeyTX at NamesCon and HS Hub Domains.
Your new-and-improved guide to Handshake and the DWeb
March Updates: HNS.ID Teaser, ShakeNodes, Filecoin Virtual Machine, and NNS V2.
Superlink Registrar // Bob Wallet Multisig // Clone Varo Nameservers // DeName Marketplace
HNS.Chat meets ChatGPT // domain ban // Fleek frontends
Multisig coming to Bob Wallet, HSD V5 released, and news across the DWeb.
2023 kicks off with HNSD V2, a new mobile resolver, a new mining pool, and more.
Bitmain HNS ASICs // Namebase teases HNS.ID // Excerpt adds tipping and RSS //
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