On Thumb Wrestle, a Handshake hard fork proposal to extend the name claim period from four years to eight years for a subset of reserved names. Plus, cross-chain SLD design, more DNS attacks, registrar updates, and more.
HSD V4 reduces full node size by over 90%. Plus, crypto is yet again the target of DNS hijacking.
On Decentralized SLDs, implementation tradeoffs, and the open design space for programmable registrars.
On new ideas for a New Internet. Plus, expiry alarm, HIP10 listings, minimalist EVM smart contracts for HNS, and more.
On Localist Protocols and the DWeb. Plus, Urkel tree compaction, open source registry tooling, wrapped HNS efforts, and more.
A publication on Handshake and the DWeb. Towards a New Internet. 
On Handshake subdomains -- Paul Webb shares his vision for the Neuenet Registry while Namebase releases details on its own registry revamp. Plus, a HSD…
Security without authority -- Between DANE support and registrar support for Handshake SLDs, we can upgrade the web’s security while maintaining all the…
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